Markus Schofnegger

Markus Schofnegger

Cryptography & Privacy

Horizen Labs


I’m a cryptographer at Horizen Labs in the area of efficient zero-knowledge proof systems. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Graz University of Technology, working at the IAIK. My research interests include the design and analysis of symmetric primitives and the application in modern zero-knowledge proof systems such as STARKs and SNARKs. In this context, I was also working on arithmetization-oriented hash functions including Poseidon and Griffin, which are both specifically tailored towards modern zero-knowledge use cases.


  • Zero-knowledge proof systems
  • Symmetric cryptography
  • Domain-specific designs for ZK, MPC, FHE, and signature applications
  • Efficient implementations


  • PhD in Computer Science/Cryptography, 2022

    Graz University of Technology

  • MSc in Computer Science, 2018

    Graz University of Technology

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2015

    Graz University of Technology

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I have been involved as a lecturer in the following courses at Graz University of Technology:

During my time at the university, I have also been supervising bachelor and master theses.